What does Atlas Care Connect specifically do?
We provide a comprehensive, high quality, personalized Skilled Nursing, Physical, Occupational Therapy and Personal care services to the elderly and pediatric patients throughout the state of Maryland.

We are also a nursing referral service and staffing agency. We deploy nursing and health care professionals to private clients living in their own homes, inside nursing facilities or assisted living homes, and anywhere they consider home.

 What does a screening and referring agency for health care professionals do?
These agencies such as Atlas Care Connect strictly sift various health care professionals who they can possibly refer to clients in need of health care at home or agencies that offer health care services. It is necessary for screening and referring agencies to be controlled by state policies to guarantee efficiency in their services.
 Who do you specifically offer for health care services to clients at home?
Atlas Care Connect can work with independent contractors, licensed health professionals or care providers who are skilled enough to provide expert health care professionals.
 What assurance can you give about the professionals you refer?
We assure you that all our Atlas Care Connect health care providers are licensed or certified under the Health Occupations Article, Annotated Code of Maryland, to provide their services in Maryland.
 How important is staffing in our industry?
The healthcare industry is a very dynamic one and deals with a very sensitive subject – human life. Clients are going to need a reliable facility that will guide them towards receiving the best health care. We can assist you in finding the best professional for your needs, thereby reducing incidences of complaints and untoward incidents.
 How can you guarantee homebound clients advantages from your staffing services?
Atlas Care Connect is a client centric facility. Before we match a professional for each person calling for our assistance, we make sure to carefully assess their needs and properly screen the prospect professionals we are considering giving to them. It is very important to us that both parties are satisfied in working towards mutual health care related goals.
 What fees will be involved for your service?
We will accurately give you a quote depending on the extent of services you are asking for. You can simply contact us for all your questions and our amicable staff will be ready to answer you.
 How do we get started?

It is easy to partner with us! You can simply contact us at 301-220-0436 or 301-377-1056.